Seth McPhee




Seth McPhee was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He moved to Minneapolis in '94 at an early age, where he was introduced early to the expansive world of art.  Known for his intricate, clean line work and his high attention to detail, Seth undoubtedly proves that he belongs in the world of tattooing.


From an early age Seth knew he had a passion for the creative. While the other kids were setting up lemonade stands, he was setting up his own art stand to showcase his talent.  As he grew into his teens and worked in customer service jobs, understanding that connecting personally with his clientele was important, as was drawing on anything available.  He went on to pursue a graphic arts degree at Minnesota School of Business. This opened the door for working on album art for local musicians, producing designs for band T-shirts, and doing art and layout for local magazines.  Seth has also worked with local graffiti artist Zen1, known for his work with Osiris (the skateboard company).  He was licensed in 2010 after completing a one year apprenticeship under the keen eyes of Jason Solarz of Outta Place Tattoo, formally located in Northeast Minneapolis.  Seth was honored by a request from his former high school to speak to current art students; inspiring them to follow their dreams and instructing them on the fine art of infiltrating the art industry while still keeping their creative ideals.  Seth was a featured sketch artist on the show "The Dead Files" on the Travel Channel network.



Seth’s personal motto, "we do what we love because we love what we do" is exemplified by his work. Seth makes an effort to connect in a personal way with each client and to create a unique, one of a kind tattoo.  He looks forward to surrounding himself with other like minded artists whose love for the visual arts matches his own.  Seth is also looking to expand  his artistic influence into the making of tattoo machines, designing a clothing line, and continue to forever expand his skills and knowledge for tattooing.  One overall message of this Minnesota grown tattoo artist is that given some drive and genuine love for what you do, almost anything is possible.