Seth McPhee



You Found Me!

Need the right skills and experience to take your project to the next level? It's my job to get to know your goals and find the perfect solution for you. I believe that a great idea coupled with a good sketch leads to tattoos that are visually stunning. My goal is to put you at ease, and create an enjoyable atmosphere that brings out the best in anyone I am working with. The studio session offers an environment suited to relax the mind and optimize creativity.

Design Strategy

Consultations are the most productive way to get things moving when I work with large projects and intricate tattoos. These consult sessions can be a great opportunity to get ideas, solve a specific problem, or just see an idea through fresh eyes. You’ll come away with a visual game plan, answers to any questions, and a strategy for tackling the tattoo project so you are left feeling great about your future tattoo appointment. So let's talk!


It’s easy to do great work when you believe in what you do. Want to see my skills in action? Here, you’ll find real-world examples of the results you can expect when you work with me.


When you need a creative partner with an innovative approach and a reputation for producing unique results, I’ll help take your project from start to finish. Need inspiration? I'm brimming with ideas. I prefer having more artistic freedom to design your tattoo and express my art. If my tattoo work is what brought you here then you know you are in good hands. Therefore, I normally take on projects with fewer restrictions on design and body placement. My work primarily consists of:
  • Black & Grey/Color
  • Photo Realistic
  • Illustrative mixed styles